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SA Leg 3: Waterval Boven – Kaapschehoop

Initially I had planned for Kaapschehoop to be a day trip from Watervalboven, but this does not allow enough time to enjoy everything this tiny town has to offer. Am I laughing? No, look at my face, I’m being absolutely serious. 
First-off there is a highly recommended “pannekoek huis” in residence… *Side note – pannekoek and pancakes as they are known all over the English speaking world, are miles apart! Pancakes are thick, fluffy cake-like stacks of syrupy indulgence. Pannekoek is much more creamy, crispy; less like bread and more like smooth, golden-brown mouthfuls of buttermilk & lemon. At once perfect with a spicy chicken curry filling, or dark chocolate and strawberries. Therefore the “best pannekoek huis in the area” (as Koek ‘n Pan restaurant is described) is truly a reason to smack your lips with warm anticipation!

Later, when you can support the weight of your belly again 😉 you really should be off. However good a time you have over memorable breakfast / lunch, you can hardly spend all day dallying at a restaurant, and besides I’ll need to get off my behind and walk off the extra pannekoek (or two) that pushed me into that ‘uncomfortably stuffed’ direction. 
Kaapschehoop is home to South Africa’s only wild horse herds, though they’ve gotten less international attention than their counterparts in the Namib desert [1]. They were not always here! They were left here after the gold rush petered out, the Boer war left many ownerless, and cattle ranchers left for greener pastures [2].

There are tens, nay fifties (haha… nay, neigh…) of kilometers of trails from which to enjoy the natural scenery, wild horses and rare blue swallows [3]. Most trails are meant to be done over 2 – 5 days, with self-catering huts along the way. Sadly I didn’t get to do any multi-day hikes while traveling around the U.S., so this is my chance! I will opt out of day hikes and commit to 3 days on the trail. 🙂

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