Explain Obsessive’s Starter Pack

Around the time I was just getting an idea of what I want my blog to be (two weeks ago at the time of writing), I explained the content structure of my mini projects to my boyfriend and he immediately quips “Oh, that sounds like an obsessive’s starter pack. Like a box filled with bits and pieces for you to dig around in and get totally obsessed with this… thing.” Yeah… I guess it is.
I really liked that mental picture of rooting through a box filled with knick knacks and assorted little gems about a certain topic, until you find the piece that makes everything about it special. Hehe, kind of like my ferret, scratching around her rice box until she gets her treats.

My box of assortments will usually contain basic introductory information for context, something weird, wacky or bizarre to get the mood going as well as some topic-specific tangents. Since my life has been revolving around travel for… quite a while now, this is definitely a major part of my personal starter pack – I will probably choose a destination as closely related to the obsession as possible and make a whole ‘travel wishlist’ itinerary. Last but not least, references! It’s important to me not only to credit other people who have already done all the hard work in finding data and information first-hand, but also to satisfy my research-y side and back-up the stuff I say.

I won’t be making any groundbreaking discoveries, but I’ll be pulling together threads from different corners, nooks and caverns until I have a collage that serves my curiosity.
This is a very fluid model that may change and adapt, so enjoy the ride with me.
I love feedback, so if there’s something you like, don’t like or would like to see on here, let me know!

Sydney's own obsessive box


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