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Leg 8: Sodwana – Richards Bay

From under the water’s surface to on top of it… for more gifted people at least 😉 I can’t surf (yet?) and sitting on the beach at Richards Bay, this suddenly feels like a serious deficiency. Richards Bay may not be as recognized as Jeffrey’s Bay, but surfing academies abound. The strong winds I’ve experienced there may be good for surfing (or maybe not, what do I know?), but if this is an obstacle in your beach-lazing, there are plenty of beaches on the same stretch of coast where you can find some little respite. You can also retreat to a beachfront café; not a bad spot to catch up on some reading, or people-watching. Crashing surf from one side, warm coffee or a tangy cocktail in hand sound like just the thing to allow my fingers to unwrinkle from spending almost a week on the beach, if not in the water. The last time I was in this area I visited a restaurant with food so mind-blowing, my mouth was watering even after I was stuffed to the brim! Now that I try to find out where exactly it is, Google is letting me down… I could swear it was called The Moçambican, situated somewhere between Richards Bay and Balito. Unfortunately that’s all the info I have, but the finger-licking creamy coconut curries with jasmine rice are enough to make me drive any conceivable road it could be on, hoping that some kind of bloodhound sense would kick in.

A little ways inland from Richards Bay, there are plenty of nature reserves to be found; I’ve never visited these, but the pics look great! 
Now… the absolute must-visit-I’ve-been-dying-to-go pin is dropped at Zululand Brewery! I have been hearing about them and their famous Zulu Blond craft ale for years, but only once been close enough to smell the fermenting barley… and they were sold out 😦 Right now, in South Africa, you can only find the Zulu Blond at the George’s Hotel and evidently you have to be an early bird indeed. No beer before noon? I’m pretty sure somewhere in the world it’s considered breakfast! As long as I can get my fingers curled around the brightly colored sticker on the bottle, still sweating from the fridge, all’s well that ends well. 
I couldn’t get in touch with them in order use a picture of their unique ale, but visit their website for a quick peek: Zulu Blonde

The George’s Hotel and Zululand Brewery are in a tiny little town called Eshowe; however small Eshowe may be, there is more to do than sip on golden nectar… The Dlinza Forest has an aerial boardwalk 20 meters off the ground from which to enjoy greenery, fresh air and wild (if small) animals – think birds and spiders. 🙂 The boardwalk is only 150 meters long, but who rushes in and out. Sit down. Breathe.


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Here’s to butchering the beautiful language of Portuguese… ;)

At the recommendation of my Portuguese teacher I am attempting to communicate on my blog, in Portuguese. If anyone reads this and understands, good luck to you 🙂 I promise to revise and correct after my patient teacher or Portuguese-speaking friends have given me some notes.
(Corrections have been made 🙂

Feijoada accompaniments

O primeiro sabor do Brasil

Brasil é um país muito grande (na verdade é enorme), então é lógico que aqui também tem muitos tipos de comidas…

O Nordeste é conhecido pelas comidas apimentadas e quentes. Além disso tem um alimento muito famoso chamado “moqueca“: é um tipo de ensopado/guisado com caldo denso, com sabor rico. Moqueca me lembro de “bouillabaisse” da França, porque os dois usam frutos do mar (gostoso!). Mas bouillabaisse tem mais água.

Tem as pessoas que falam que os alimentos de Minas Gerais são melhor que todas as outras locações. Eu ainda não visitei este estado, então ainda não posso julgar. Por agora a única comida de Minas que eu provei foi “pão de queijo“, mas eu espero que pão de queijo autêntico seja melhor que alguns que eu provei. Logo eu vou à Minas Gerais, e depois vou te dizer o que eu penso.

Uma outra culinária que eu gosto muito é a do sul do Brasil. As pessoas do Rio Grande do Sul (especialmente duas de Porto Alegre😉 ) têm orgulho do churrasco deles. Churrasco é bastante similar ao “braai” na África do Sul – os dois usam carne de alta qualidade (como picanha ou contra filé), misturam com temperos particulares e preparam na grelha. A grande diferença entre churrasco e braai é: no churrasco a carne já preparada está cortada, e logo todas as pessoas comem juntas descontraído os pedacinhos; no braai os peços de carne inteiro são preparados e logo todas as pessoas pegam as porções de carne, vegetais e pratos extras, para juntas desfrutarem o alimento.


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Where do people fit in the picture?

Why do people exist?
Why were people created?
Why did they evolve?

From the point of view of progressive evolution, what made meta-consciousness a survival advantage? Why did that develop, why only in people? Are we broken? We have meta-consciousness but no tools on how to manage it. We know how to destroy, sometimes how to preserve, but never anything more. Before us nothing needed fixing; are we then our own reason for living if we are designed/fated for an endless cycle of destroy-fix-destroy-fix? And in fact we can never be any good at this because anything we fix is deficient/different/faulty from the way it was before us. So this purpose is meaningless.

We can barely preserve/maintain anything without destroying some of it or consuming some of it. And besides, the world around us maintains itself much better, much more efficiently and beautifully without us. Here, too, we are at best a hindrance, at worst a disaster.
Were we meant to create? Why have we come this far without creating anything superior to ourselves? Or at least something that has meaning outside of the meaning people give it? I concede that perhaps this is our purpose – we are simply here to usher in the next, superior form of existence; perhaps a form of consciousness or meta consciousness that is an improvement on our own design. In other words, we are not necessarily creating anything, but we might be the catalysts / vehicles for the next evolution… We are not ‘finished’, our design is not as we are now, but something contained in the next step of evolution/design. Perhaps something that goes beyond our meta-consciousness into the fourth (fifth?) dimension.
If this is the case, my own individual birth means nothing. I am one part of an evolving organism, but the sum of the progress of my species is not influenced by my individual actions, enjoyments or disappointments; again, I am the only entity giving those things meaning.

If this is the case why are we individuals? Surely our purpose is furthered by a collective consciousness? By a hive mentality?
How inefficient that millions of breathing, shitting people are born, in order for a handful to further humanity’s purpose. How trivial and base are our worlds of love, affection, fornication and death.

What an anticlimax one life is…

But, if we were/are created by a god, I believe that now we are truly alone.

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