South African travel obsession

I have been so fortunate to have parents who encourage curiosity and adventure! We rarely went to a holiday spot twice, and though we had our favourite spots to go eat out every now and again, we also had a lot of fun trying new things. A decade or so (*cough) later this drive still hasn’t left me. In the last 5 years I’ve spent more time outside my home country than in it, to the distress of family members and confusion of friends who are much more settled than me. I don’t blame them – as many times as I hear ‘I wish I could see other places in the world’, I think to myself ‘I wish I have a secure job, friends around me and I could attend my sister’s 21st birthday’.

Hmm, I digress… The point is, even when I go back home, to South Africa, I won’t stop looking around and discovering beautiful, new places. The next couple of posts will be all about the travels I want to engage in, in South Africa. The planning will take the shape of a road trip, with spots and stops along the way. 🙂

The first steps will be from Pretoria, to the Northeastern border of SA, across Mozambique to Ponta Malongane, back down to South Africa along the East coast; Durban, via Lesotho and Swaziland, down to Port Elizabeth… all along the coast to Cape Town, up the Western Cape, to Namibia, and back to SA via Botswana.


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